In New York City, Deckard and the Council launch a full scale attack on the Black Order headquarters. Deckard kills a griffin, two minotaurs, several werewolves, and an entire army of Black Order soldiers on his way to the roof. Inside the building, he manages to free Vivian, and she goes up the command post to help Deckard. On the roof, Deckard finds the machine. It turns out that Deckard can overload the machine, and destroy it by putting a lot of Animus Energy inside of it. Fighting waves after waves of monsters, Deckard absorbs Animus Energy and promptly transfers it to the machine. In the end, the machine overloads, and then explodes. LeFey is hurled out of his control booth by a werewolf, grabbed in midair by a griffin and impaled on the machine, killing him. After the explosion, Vivian is nowhere to be seen. The Council arrives, and assumes that she was vaporized. The Council immediately turns on Deckard, locking him up, stating that Deckard's Signet contains information that could create a new Pandora's Box, the first one being destroyed when the machine exploded. Later, it turns out that Vivian survived, and Deckard, being a thief, easily escapes. Deckard goes out to set things right, but not in the way everyone expected. A final picture shows Deckard sticking his Signet branded hand out to a griffin, taming it, and is presumably successful in brokering peace between the humans and the creatures.

Legendary - Endings & Betrayals Full Game Ending-029:37

Legendary - Endings & Betrayals Full Game Ending-0

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